"Teach Yourself COBOL in 21 Days"

     This excellent book really makes learning COBOL simple. Written in plain English, in an easy to follow, friendly style, it makes a refreshing change from the academic university texts that are the only other alternatives to learning COBOL. The book is useful for other language programmers wishing to learn COBOL, or as a refresher text. This is the best selling COBOL textbook, used in colleges around the world, for training programmers.

Book $39.99 - ORDER NOW!

Twenty seven self paced lessons, based on real world applications, covering all key areas of the language and the common problems the student will face on the job.
Well thought out lesson plans with handy references.
Shaded syntax boxes.
Realistic examples and exercises so the student can practice with the kind of problems he will be faced with outside of the classroom.
Light and easy to understand style.
Real world examples of programming code.
Line by line program analyses that helps readers understand exactly what is going on.
The student practices with the kind of problems he will encounter outside the classroom.
By the end of the book he will have programmed a complete bills payment system.

COBOL "21 Day Diskette"

      The companion source code disk contains the code for all of the complete programs and many of the code samples in this book. It is particularly useful for cross checking your own practice code from the exercises to locate any errors. Typographical errors can enter into printed text, but code on the disk has been tested. Students are encouraged to hand code their programs and exercises, but if you are just brushing up, copying the code will save you a lot of typing.

The disk of code for "Teach Yourself COBOL in 21 Days" is useful for:

Experienced programmers and those who do not want to have to type in all the lessons to follow along with the lesson plan.
Teachers who wish to select which lessons the student will actually program.
New programmers who can use the diskette with the EZ-COMPARE program to locate hard to find errors in their code.

"21 Day Diskette" - $15.00 - ORDER NOW!

"EZ-COMPARE"   A useful programming tool to help locate those hard to find errors in your code.


MS-DOS - $39.95
UNIX - $45.95

     Useful for any course that has accompanying code on a disk, the "EZ-COMPARE" utility enables the student to compare the code he has written, to the code on the diskette.
Especially useful for teaching new students unfamiliar with code:
"EZ-COMPARE" displays the two files to be compared on the screen.
When lines do not match, they are highlighted.
It will display files that are wider than 80 columns.
Popular with programmers for comparing source code or text files to find changes.

"The MicroFocus Personal COBOL Compiler"

Windows CD V3,1. - $99.00

     The perfect compiler for learning COBOL and developing business applications on PCs.

     This integrated editor-compiler-debugger will get you started quickly and provides the tools you need to learn and develop personal and small business applications.

DOS 3.5' diskette V2.0 - $
Requires 80386, 80486 or Pentium. DOS 5.0 or later, Windows 3.1 or later, WIN 95, 98, 2000 or ME. 22 meg free disk space, 8 meg working RAM, CD drive, VGA or better. (Runs DOS Window of Windows)
Requires DOS 3.1 or later. 640 k free memory, 3 meg free disk space, 3.5" disk drive.

"The COBOL Cook Book" - volume 1

Cook Book"


     Written by COBOL expert Mo Budlong, this book addresses common COBOL problems with tips and tricks on how to solve them. A great intermediate "How to" problem solver.

     Examples are illustrated with thousands of lines of commented, tested listings and code, as well as canned general purpose routines you can include in your own programs.

If you are coding in COBOL, on any machine, this book will provide a wealth of useful tips, including:

Bubble Sorts Case Conversion Reverse Date Keys
Read Previous String Manipulation Printing Tricks
Black Boxes

"COBOL, Dates and the Year 2000"
The only book written to specifically address COBOL and Y2K

Dates and the
Year 2000 Book"


     Year Y2K may have been pretty uneventful, but COBOL programmers are still likely to come across code that is not Y2K compatible and will need to be able to recognize and handle it. New programmers will benefit from the thorough discussions and problems they will face in professional programming. The disk of code contains all kinds of utilities and routines that any COBOL programmer will find to be a useful addition to his toolbox.
Topics covered include:
Dates in files and on screens
Gregorian & Julian dates
Common date pitfalls
Basic approaches to handling date problems
Routines for date entry, validation, system date and conversions.
Common date handling routines for Fiscal dates, adding days to dates, day differences, days of the week & comparing two dates.
Includes handy diskette of utilities and routines for locating dates, doing date conversions and date handling.

"COBOL, Just in Time! Crash Course"
Featured on the front page of Computer World, and in Accounting Professional, 
ITAA, Unisphere and other magazines.

"COBOL, Just in Time!" Course
$350.00 plus $15.00 S&H


     Featured on Computer World's front page and in many articles as an effective way to train programmers. The "COBOL, Just in Time" course teaches the basics of COBOL and creates programmers who can be put to useful work quickly.

     Geared for individual study at home, school or in the workplace, the course needs no instructor, only access to a PC. This makes it ideal to adopt as a company or department training program. Instructors use the course as a basis for their lessons and tailor it to their individual teaching style and requirements.

     This fast course gives a good foundation for the student to go on to learn other versions of COBOL and more advanced concepts. The "COBOL, Just in Time!" Course comes complete with a best selling, easy to understand text, study guide, compiler, study aids, basic book on computers and a dictionary. Starts at an introductory level and goes on to an intermediate level with lessons on dates and a "cook book" of professional tips and tricks.

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