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Mo Budlong, President of KCSI writes a regular UNIX 101 column for Sunworld OnLine.
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What happens when you throw the switch?
Understanding how a computer boots up
01-2001 Just the FAQs
12-2000 Security basics, Part 2
More advice on file attribute bits and modes
10-2000 Security basics, Part 1
Understanding file attribute bits and modes


Traveling down the Unix $PATH
Why are some commands executed, and some ./executed?
08-2000 Using cron basics
Utility helps you get your timing right
07-2000 The language of shells
Making sense of shell commands
06-2000 Understanding Unix shells and environment variables, Part 2
Examine and customize your Unix environment
05-2000 Understanding Unix shells and environment variables
How much do you know?
04-2000 Purging the process, Part 2
Advanced topics in pipes, filters, and redirection
03-2000 Purging the process
Introduction to pipes, filters, and redirection, Part 1
02-2000 Hands-off editing with sed, Part 2
The advanced basics of sed
12-1999 Hands-off editing with sed, Part 1
The ABCs of the Unix stream editor
11-1999 Grep this
Using grep, fgrep, and egrep to search for strings of words
10-1999 Unix command line 101: How much do you know?
Arguments and options on the half-shell

Tips on good shell programming practices
What #! really does

07-1999 Go to the end of the line
Converting Word and MS-DOS documents to Unix
06-1999 Getting started with Perl, Part 2
Building on last month's menu script
05-1999 Getting started with Perl, Part 1
An introduction to the language that "can do anything"
04-1999 Using bc, Part 2
Programming the bc calculator tool
03-1999 Using bc, Part 1
An introduction to the programmable calculator utility
02-1999 Subtracting dates
Calculating the difference between two dates
01-1999 Date arithmetic, Part 3
The last few tools you need to calculate yesterday's date
12-1998 Date arithmetic, Part 2
More details on how to calculate yesterday's date
11-1998 Date arithmetic, Part 1
Calculating yesterday's date
10-1998 Whatcha' gonna make?
Make is a useful tool for forming the basis of a backup or archive system
09-1998 Little big man
Getting to know the small but popular ls command
08-1998 Four fun Unix commands
A look at basename, dirname, time, and tee
07-1998 Too small to keep, too big to throw back
Small fry Unix commands, part 3: du, tr, nl
06-1998 More small fry Unix commands
Cool tricks with read and wc
05-1998 Small fry Unix commands can get the job done
A look at the tail and date utilities
04-1998 Sending signals
There's more than one way to kill a process. Which should you use?
03-1998 Compressing files in Unix
Understanding how disk space is allocated can help you get more from your drives
02-1998 Command line psychology 101
How the shell program interprets commands
01-1998 Using history and command line editing
Save keystrokes with a few simple commands
12-1997 Simple shared logging
Using the cron daemon to create a shared log file
11-1997 Search and replace with vi -- part 2
What's in an expression? Mastering the substitute regular expressions
10-1997 Search and replace with vi -- part 1
How does it work and how do you work with it?
09-1997 Quick lessons on shell programming
How to start writing your own shell scripts
08-1997 Shell programming and simple menus - part 2
Getting more mileage out of your menu
07-1997 Shell programming and simple menus - part 1
The anatomy of a menu shell script
06-1997 Using find to locate files
Mastering the find command can open the door to some powerful and nifty utilities
05-1997 Processing files with awk, part 2
In this second of two columns on the awk programming utility, we show you how to print reports with awk's print and printf commands
04-1997 Processing files with awk
The awk processing utility can practically be used as a programming language -- but first you need to learn its simpler features. In the first of two columns on awk, we show you how it breaks records into fields and how to execute more than one set of commands on a record.
03-1997 Grasping more of the vi editor
This reference guide to basic, yet crucial vi commands continues with quick methods for conducting searches, setting word wrapping margins, and cutting, copying, and pasting text
02-1997 Grasping the vi editor
New to Unix? Need a refresher? This is your reference guide to basic, yet crucial vi commands needed for quick document navigation

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