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Mo Budlong, president of KCSI, is the author of the best seller "Teach Yourself COBOL in 21 Days". As a veteran programmer, he is a consultant for major corporations. As the author of hundreds of magazine articles including a popular "Cooking with COBOL" series and 7 COBOL books, Mo and KCSI have helped thousands of programmers get started on their careers and helped others solve many "knotty" programming problems.

Products to get you off to a flying start:

     A good text book and compiler are the two essentials for learning COBOL. "Teach Yourself COBOL in 21 Days" and the "MicroFocus Personal COBOL Compiler" are a tried and tested winning combination used in colleges around the world, for training COBOL programmers.

     A well thought out lesson plan and easy to read style makes "Teach Yourself COBOL in 21 Days" the best selling COBOL text book. Each new term and concept is defined when it is first mentioned, and the student won't find any missing steps that leave him wondering if he missed something. There are lots of practical examples and exercises to help the student retain what he has learned.

     Until the student becomes accustomed to locating coding errors, learning to program can be a frustrating and time consuming process. Two tools to help students through this stage are the "disk of code" for "Teach Yourself COBOL in 21 Days" and the "EZ-Compare" program. Using these two items, the student can compare the program he wrote to the one on the disk. The differences will be highlighted on the screen, so mistakes can be quickly located.

     To really get a student off to a flying start, we created the "COBOL Just in Time Course" which incorporates the above items with an easy to use study guide which takes the student through the course, lesson by lesson. In the crucial early stages, additional illustrated lessons show how to install and use the software, including special instructions on using the compiler which by-pass the need to study the compiler manual before getting down to learning the language. Students can't get lost using these easy to follow instructions. Everything needed to learn COBOL up to an entry/intermediate level is included. In fact, all the student needs is a personal computer.

     These course materials are used in corporations, educational establishments and government agencies around the world, as an effective way to train new and other language programmers and as a refresher tool for "old hands". Several consulting houses give test on the materials and if passed will hire and train suitable candidates further.

     We recommend that students immediately follow their studies with "COBOL, Dates and the Year 2000". This essential technical reference contains a technical tour of all aspects of COBOL and the year 2000. You won't find this information readily available elsewhere.

     For quick and handy tips and tricks for professional COBOL programmers, the "COBOL Cook Book" is a great reference.

     It is important for new programmers to understand that there is more to learn. Programming is a profession that includes a continual learning process. These materials give a person a strong grounding in the basics.

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