The COBOL, Just In Time! Course
        Why it's right for you...
     Colleen Lerian, a graduate told ComputerWorld, "The 21 Day book will get you up to speed much quicker than college classes. It teaches you what you need to know in the workplace."
Colleen was a sales clerk studying COBOL in night class. After completing the home study course, she moved into a full time programming position.
     In an Inside Technology Training article, Rick Prouser, Director of IS at Oregon Mutual Insurance says he bought three packages for his training class and is planning to buy more.
"The students are able to be technically proficient for our Year 2000 projects in a short amount of time. That's definitely worth a couple of hundred dollars."
No instructor needed. Study at home, work or school.....
     Tailored for individual study, the course needs no one else, just you and your PC. This makes it ideal to adapt as a company or department training program.
     The basics of COBOL are common to all versions. This fast course gives a good foundation for the student to go forward from to learn other versions and more advanced concepts.
The smart thing to do....
In a "ComputerWorld" article on COBOL training, Sheldon Glasser, a 35 year COBOL veteran and president of the consulting firm R. Dunn Associates, recommends that graduates of the course be used on maintenance work to free up experienced programmers to work on more complex problems. "The smart thing to do," he says "is to hire a bunch of younger or older programmers, teach them COBOL and have them do some of the simpler work."
Easy for all levels of students....
COBOL, Just in Time! is a simple easy to do course, written for the novice programmer. It is also suitable for COBOL programmers needing to brush up on their COBOL skills, and other language programmers preparing to meet the demands of the millennium marketplace.
     Includes: Object COBOL and Web COBOL.
All materials included...You only have to supply a PC...
The course package contains all the material and tools a student with access to a PC will need to quickly gain entry level proficiency in COBOL. It includes a study guide, the "Teach Yourself COBOL in 21 Days" book, a complete compiler, a utility that enables the student to locate hard to find errors in his coding, a computer glossary and even a helpful book the makes studying easier. The course extends into intermediate level programming with 7 intermediate lessons and a "Cook Book" of professional tips and tricks for COBOL Programmers that take the student into more advanced programming.
The Book - Designed for and tested on novices - 
Used in colleges across the country.

The text for the course, "Teach Yourself COBOL in 21 Days" is written in a light, simple and easy to understand style, with plenty of real life examples and applications. The book was designed for and tested on novices and is now being used in COBOL training programs in more and more colleges around the world. It includes sample source code, quizzes, real programming exercises, a glossary of programming terms and a summary of syntax.
Study on an easy gradient... No missing steps to trip you up...
The study guide gives a complete sequential list of everything the students need to do and learn on an easy gradient so they can master one skill before starting on the next - from installing the compiler through programming, compiling and debugging.
Uses popular Micro Focus Compiler...
The compiler included with the package is the popular Micro Focus Personal COBOL compiler, which comes with its own editor.
Basics included...
A basic illustrated book on how computers work and an excellent computer glossary.
A practical, hands on course...
"COBOL, Just in Time!" is not an academic course. It is a working course created by a working programmer and tested on people who have had no prior exposure to programming. One of the great things about the course is that it can be done using a PC - at the students home, or off the main computer resources. It can be done at the students own speed and at whatever schedule suits him. And it is written so that it can be done without a teacher.
Easy! Effective!
Self paced! Inexpensive!
Ready made! Comprehensive!
Can be done on a PC! Does not need constant supervision!
Really teaches the basics of COBOL! Does not tie up mission critical equipment!
Will not tie up technical resources in teaching! Does not need expensive hardware or software!
     Use the COBOL, Just in Time! Course in your training curriculum......
It's the smart thing to do!
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